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Welcome back, Kerstin Schäfer

We welcome Kerstin Schäfer back to our company. 🤝
After her successful retraining as a clerk for office management at the DAA Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie and the associated internship at Müller+Müller, we are glad that Ms Schäfer is now part of our team again 🙂 .
As a commercial employee, she is taking on part-time tasks in purchasing and accounting. Dear Kerstin, congratulations again on passing your training and continue to have a good start at Müller+Müller.🍀


Morris Nolte has successfully passed internal training

We congratulate our employee Morris Nolte on passing his training as a machine setter. 👏🔧
Mr Nolte has been part of the Müller+Müller team since the beginning of the year and has already successfully mastered the internal training during this time. We would like to say thank you once again for this great achievement and look forward to further cooperation. 👨🔧
Pictured are (from left):
Mr Siegfried Waldeyer, trainer; Mr Morris Nolte, Mr Florian Müller-Stauch, managing director; Mr Thomas Seidel, production manager; Mr Dennis Beck, deputy production manager.


Müller + Müller expands production in Holzminden

Another great report about our completed new production hall can be found today in the Täglicher Anzeiger Holzminden. You can read the full report in today's TAH edition or directly on the website in the ePaper .📰📱
Many thanks to the Täglicher Anzeiger Holzminden for the visit to our production and the interesting conversations. 👍


Newspaper report about new production machine in NW

Just in time for the start-up of our latest production machine, the Neue Westfälische visited our new building and got impressions of the project's progress. 🛠

Many thanks to the Neue Westfälische for the visit and the informative report. 👍

New machine in production

Our latest production machine has been successfully installed and connected. The so-called SAT (Site Acceptance Test) was approved, so the machine is released for production. 👌
Now comes the further fine-tuning of the settings. Many thanks to the colleagues in our technical and production department for their tireless efforts over the last few days. 🛠 💪

Production in new hall takes up speed!

This week, the first machine for our new production hall was delivered. Now the work for our technical department begins: The individual parts, which are still well packed, have to be assembled and connected so that we can start with the actual production as soon as possible. ⚙️ 🧪
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the project, our operating technology and all the contributed companies. 👍

Internal training for machine setters at Müller+Müller

Since this year, internal training has been taking place in a separate area. Our employees are trained as machine setters on a special training machine. 🔧🪛

Our colleague Mr Christopher Niemeier (photo) has successfully completed the training of several weeks. We congratulate him and look forward to working with him in the future. 👌 At this point, we would also like to thank Mr Siegfried Waldeyer for his responsibility in the training programme.👏

New production hall almost finished

The conversion work for the new production hall is in its final stages. Many thanks at this point for the great work of Kera Fliesenbau GmbH. 👏 The split clinker bricks coverings have been laid, now the technical and electrical connections will follow so that the first production machine can be set up in the next few weeks. We are excited and looking forward to production in the new Hall 4.

Safety first! First aid course at Müller+Müller

Accidents happen - in production, in warehouse or in the office. In that case it is important to have well-trained first aiders. 🚑

We are pleased that first aid courses were held again in the Müller+Müller training room in May. The courses were led by our works council chairman Mr Jörg Ullrich on behalf of the DLRG, Bad Nenndorf. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all 11 participants whom we were able to train as first aiders in the company and also the three colleagues whom we trained as first aiders. 👏

We are proud that we are so well prepared in the area of first aid at Müller+Müller! We would also like to thank Mr Ullrich for his commitment to train us in first aid.

Floor plates for new production hall

Another important step for our new building. ✅
The reinforced concrete base was poured last week, and soon the floor areas for the new production hall and warehouse will be ready.
So the new hall is slowly taking shape ☺️

Construction site barbecue at Müller+Müller

Last week, we celebrated the progress of construction work on our factory expansion with a small barbecue. Despite the tight schedule, we have made good progress so far and fired up the barbecue and toasted together 👨🍳 🥪
Sausages, steaks, vegetable sticks and a few drinks were on offer 🌭🥗🍻 This Friday, hopefully with good weather, the second part will follow for the rest of the staff 🙂🌤




Reinforced concrete pillars for new warehouse

Our factory expansion also includes the extension of the warehouse. 🏗

This week, the reinforced concrete columns for the new warehouse building were placed. Of course, we are benefiting from the great weather. 😊🌞

Topping-out ceremony for the new production hall

Even the cold and wet weather couldn't stop us from celebrating the topping-out ceremony for our new production hall last Friday. 🤗🌂

Once again, we would like to thank all the companies involved, the board of directors and the members of the advisory board of DWK Life Sciences, as well as our employees who made this important step in our plant expansion possible.


New mayor Christian Belke visits M+M

Last week, Mr Christian Belke visited us and got a closer look at our company.

Mr Belke has been in office as the new mayor of Holzminden since 01.11.2021. As a native of Holzminden, Christian Belke, who is independent of political parties, is deeply connected to the city and the region of Holzminden.
During his visit, we were able to talk about current political and economic topics and also present our company in more detail during a tour of the production facilities.

We thank Mr Belke for the interesting discussions and wish him all the best in his private life and for the position as mayor 🙂🍀
The picture shows from left:
Florian Müller-Stauch, Managing Director Müller + Müller;
Christian Belke, Mayor of Holzminden;
Dr Hubertus Müller-Stauch, Member of the Advisory Board of the DWK Life Scienes Group