Special treatments


The siliconization process at Müller + Müller can be applied to a broad range of glass vials from 2 ml to 40 ml, type I or III in either clear or amber.

A state-of-the-art siliconzation process ensures best possible results with a reduced amount of silicon in the glass vial. The process is constantly monitored by our qualified staff and high-tech measurement systems. The siliconization process is achieved in a class 8 clean room according to ISO 14644-1.

The internal siliconization of glass vials has the following advantages:

  • Due to its hydrophobic properties, the silicone coating ensures a higher restitution rate down to the last drop of the product.
  • It prevents products from sticking to the internal surface of the glass vials giving the glass bottle a perfect transparency.

Single color ceramic screen print

If required by customer a single color ceramic screen print can be applied on our products.

Special packaging for gamma sterilization

Upon request, the vials can be packed in a special packaging suitable for gamma sterilization (double foil packets, vacuum sealed, indicator point).

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